"Ty Gafrewig Wen"

(To the Tune of of Suo Gan)

When the morning light awakens, chasing shadows from the land,
And the mist lies oer the heather, rise together hand in hand.
By the seaside, on the mountain, or wherever we may dwell,
May we always stand together, for together all is well.

Here the door is always open, and the hands are never stilled.
Here the table's ever laden, and the flowing flagons filled.
Raise your glasses, oh my kinsmen, in the firelight of our hall.
Drink a toast as twlight quickens to the health and weal of all.

When the evening is upon us, Ty Gafrewig Wen will sing.
Neath the banner all shall gather, each unto the other bring.
Come together for the dancing, fight your battles til they're won,
Spin you tales and raise your voices, journey til the race is run...

...Journey til the race is run.

(Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli, December 19th, A.S. XXXII)

I offer this song to the over-achieving members of my Household with affection and with a somewhat obscure hope that some of them might even learn it -- or write something else to match it. Hey, with as much rampant talent as we have in this Hoursehold, it's a safe bet that someone can come up with something!

Background music: "Suo Gan", (Traditional Welsh Lullaby). courtesy of Taylor's Traditional Tune Book

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