Dame Aislinn Chaomhanach
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A former protégé to Mistress Bronwen o Gydweli.

Dame Aislinn became active in the Society in A.S. XXIII as one of the original founding members of the Shire (then Canton) of Sol Haven. She is the mother of Lord Adam Caomhanach , and took her first Protege Lady Viviana Fiorentina at RUM in July of A.S. XLIV (2009).

Over the years she has served our Shire as Demo Officer, LMoAS (Arts & Sciences Officer), Historian, and Seneschal (3 times). In 2005 she stepped up as our local Reeve after serving as a Deputy Reeve for many years. Which proved also to be well-invested time.

Aislinn has served as Co-Reservationcrat for Kingdom of Meridies Spring Coronation (April 2001) and as Reservationcrat for Legends XI: Olympus on Earth (June 2002). Since stepping into the local Reeve's office she has served as Reservationcrat for the Coronation of Boru III & Deirdre I (September 2005) and as the Reservationcrat for Festival of the Laurels I (November 2006).

In addition she has proven to be an exceptional cook. During her early beginnings she was the Breakfast cook for Legends V: Vlad the Impaler (June 1996) and stepped at the last minute as Wayfarer cook for Legends V: Vlad the Impaler (June 1996). Which lead to her signing on board to be the Feastcrat for Legends VI: Men in Kilts (June 1997). Over time she managed to pull off not just the one scrumptious feast but anther two more as Feastcrat for Legends VIII: Ali Baba (June 1999) and Feastcrat for Festival of the first Laurels (October 2005)...and let's not forget that, along with Mistress Molli Rose Kekilpenny and Lady Isabetta Asini, she was in charge of the Children's Feast at the South Downs Hearth & Home Collegium in November of A.S. XXXVI (2001). We are really looking forward to her cooking in the years to come as she is expanding cooking abilities for more authentic dishes.

Aislinn has proven not only to have a knack for cooking but also for organizing. After early beginnings with cooking she managed to Autocrat Army of Darkness (August 1997) Sol Haven's first fall event, and this has proven to one of her favorite areas. She certainly has excelled at it, signing on board to be Deputy Autocrat for Legends IX: The Sacking of Constantinople (June 2000) only to follow-up that the next year as Autocrat-Legends X: Brian Boru (June 2001). After a few attempts at placing bids for Kingdom levels events, Aislinn was thrilled when the group's bid was accepted and she had the opportunity to be Co-Autocrat (along with Baron Owen Seys) the Kingdom of Meridies' Spring Coronation of Artan & Hannah (April 2002), and once again she surprised us and signed on board as Deputy Autocrat for Legends XI: Olympus on Earth (June 2002) followed by serving as Co-Autocrat for Hot August Knights (August 2004), Autocrat for Legends XIV: Boudicca (June 2005), and Autocrat for Legends XV: Legends of the Past (June 2006). She most recently was the co-Autocrat for Spring Crown List over the weekend of May 1st-3rd A.S. XLIV (2009).

From cooking, autocrating and holding numerous offices in our local area Aislinn has enjoyed organizing the Red Rose Ball Desert Table-Fall Crown list (October 1996) and trying her hand as List Mistress-Legends XIII: The Yellow Brigadoon (June 2004). She also served as Kingdom Calendar Deputy (April 2001/August 2004) and originated the Meridian Seneschals mailing list on-line. She also served as the Royal Travel Coordinator for TRM Boru IV and Deirdre II.

She is authorized as a fighter as well (so bear in mind that she can clean your clock if you criticize her cooking or autocratting!). While Dame Aislinn is currenly mostly inactive in the SCA due to mundane work demands, we very much hope to see her return to active participation soon, because she is very much missed.

Dame Aislinn joined the household in August of 1996, was made a Protege in November of 1999, and was elevated to Pelican in September of 2007.
Her name & device (Or, on a cross nowy quadrate between in chief two shamrocks vert, a thunderbolt Or) are both registered with the SCA College of Arms.

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