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Covington Castle
Castle Exterior - Christmas 2005 - Taken on Christmas Day
Castle Exterior
Christmas 2005
Castle Exterior - Christmas 2006 - This photograph was taken in December just after sunset with the facade lit up
Castle Exterior
Christmas 2006
Castle Exterior - March 2009 - Taken during a late March snowstorm
Castle Exterior
March 2009
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Castle Myth & Castle Fact
Contrary to some urban legends that have it standing in the 1800s, Covington Castle was begun in the year 1990. The builder was neither a woman from England who brought it over a stone at a time from her home country and then killed herself after being left at the altar by her fiance (the granite all is local as is the builder), nor a lesbian who committed suicide with her lover (we've never actually managed to hear that entire fabrication, but the builder is not of that persuasion anyway), nor Ozzie Osborne (though that one is our personal favorite among the various Urban Legends concerning the house), nor is she very old and any sort of Witch (good like Glenda or bad like the Wicked Witch of the West).

Because the owner made a terrible choice of contractors in the beginning, as a result running out of money before it could be completed, the house was finished to the point of being "dried in" after about 6 months, but the work could proceed no further. For nearly ten years the castle stood unfinished while the money was saved to finish the job, and during that time the house could not be insured or occupied and was extensively vandalized.

Also during this time, people who did not understand why it had stood there unfinished for such a long time got creative and made up a number of tales about it -- nearly all of which involved it's being haunted for one reason or another -- and to this day some some people stubbornly persist in believing these tales and others that are equally entertaining and creative, but without any basis in truth. We suspect that this is because they are far more interesting that the boring fact that no one ever either lived here (prior to its eventual completion) or died here (to date).

The house was completed -- enough to allow occupancy -- in the year 2000, though the basement remains unfinished, the driveway mostly unpaved, and the garage unbuilt. There is no moat (water problems we don't need), no dungeon (though the idea of making a closet door look like a dungeon entrance has occurred to us), and inside the house looks like...a house, though it does have high ceilings and used to have a suit of armor in the front hall.

The kitchen, decorated for Christmas, and for once without mail heaped on the table
Castle Kitchen
Christmas 2005
The Dining Room, ready for friends and family to gather for the holidays
Castle Dining Room
Christmas 2005
The Fireplace in the Living Room, hung with stockings for friends and family
Castle Hearth
Christmas 2005
We got this gorgeous Christmas Tree from Heritage (High School) Baseball -- a friend is a coach and suggested we look there -- and should have taken more pictures after all the gifts were added around it prior to our Christmas gathering. Oh well!
Castle Tree
Christmas 2005
The Lady of the Castle, taken in the summer of 2010, and nowhere near death's door.
Lady of the Castle
Summer 2010
The staircase always looks great when decorated for Christmas, and this year was no exception.
Castle Staircase
Christmas 2005
Well, after all of the holiday excitement, we can hardly blame Pixel for taking a nap in an obliging lap. She was an elderly Lady then, and has since traveled to that great catnip patch in the sky.
Castle Kitty
Christmas 2005
Pixil's place is now occupied by Thiamchan, who sleeps nearly as much, and is even more of a lover...if not as great a hunter
Castle Kitty
Christmas 2008
The Castle Herb (and Vegetable) Garden
Castle Garden
May 2009
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The Castle is occupied by several housemates, most of whom share in common the hobby of Historical Reinactment and Recreation and are members of The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).
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